(still) life

Jamie Hankin’s photographs will be on display in the gallery from June 28th - July 22nd.

When I first saw Mr. Hankin’s photographs from his Vanitas Series, they took my breath away. My first thought on seeing them, was Dutch Masters meets scientific photography of a research specimen. They are lush and detailed. The body of work showed all the stages of a flower, or fruit or vegetable, from the unopened bud, to the dying flower whose petals were falling away.

In fact, these photographs are intended to evoke the Dutch genre of Vanitas painting, in which movement and entropy are frozen in time to preserve beauty or youth and illustrate the concept of Vanitas, or the transience of life and beauty and the certainty of death . These images also capture the sense of Memento Mori, the practice of reflecting on mortality and the transient nature of life. This inevitability of death is exemplified in the wilting and dying flowers in one image next to those in full bloom in another.

Taken together the photographs are beautiful and thought provoking, and leave a lasting image in your mind’s eye and your imagination.

We hope you can stop by and enjoy the show.