Featured Artist: Two Tree Studios Allison Samuels

Allison Samuels, founder of Two Tree Studios, uses minimalist design and fine craftsmanship to create attractive and functional objects for the home. Each piece is made with longevity and durability in mind, and is hand-carved, sanded, and finished for a lifetime of good use.

Working in her Brooklyn studio, she uses wood from sustainable sources and employs all natural finishes. She brings her sawdust to local gardens for composting and uses reclaimed wood for her utensils.

Why we love Allison’s work

We admire her appreciation of nature and her respect for the unique properties of the raw material, keeping the wood true to its natural state. Her attention to detail is apparent in the inclusion of small maple inlays in her black walnut boards. We agree with Allison that beauty enhances the meaning of everyday life and that functional objects can also be beautiful.

Gail’s tips for cutting boards

  1. Use one side of the board for cutting and turn it over when you use it for display.

  2. Use butcher block oil or food-grade mineral oil monthly to keep the wood conditioned and prevent it from drying out. Some people prefer a mixture of beeswax and mineral oil, which can be purchased or made at home.