Community vs. Economy

Starting a new business has been an education unto itself.

Last month we learned that Pause Gallery is part of the "creative economy." Although the term was coined in 2001 we've only recently become aware of it, and its use to describe a system in which value derives from new, imaginative qualities rather than more traditional financial and human resources.

As collectors of art and fine crafts, we had long considered ourselves part of a "creative community," the viability of which depends upon those who admire and collect as well as those who imagine and create.

One of the over-arching objectives for Pause is to grow this community in the Capital Region by offering the work of talented individuals in a setting that is accessible and welcoming to a broad range of individuals and their respective budgets and tastes.

Along our journey to launch the Gallery, we've also learned that our artists and craftspeople have been incredibly supportive of our efforts. We've come to know them personally and we are grateful to them for their encouragement, and for trusting us with the images and objects they create. 

We find that the human connotation of "community" is more satisfying and resonates with us more than the concept of "economy." However, if its role in the creative community of the Capital Region makes Pause part of the creative economy, we're fine with that too.