And So it Continues, v2.0


So close and yet...

Things continue to move along at Pause Gallery, though we're at the point where we've encountered some inevitable delays. Major items to complete before we move in are: 1)counter tops, and 2)bathroom flooring so we're able to have a functioning lavatory. (Details, details.)

We continue to receive deliveries of artwork. Most of what we'll have on hand for our opening has already arrived, though we're expecting ceramics tomorrow, watercolors on Saturday, and cast glass next Wednesday. More photography will arrive later this month.

Track heads and pendants are installed, along with recessed lights in the soffits over the shelving and over our work area toward the rear. A jewelry case will go next to the short wall and that should be delivered in a few days. Pedestals are due to arrive from Colorado tomorrow. Audio system is installed (thanks, Josh!) and internet service is not far behind. Lots of logistics required to pull this all together.

Shelving will be infinitely adjustable so we can accommodate 3D work of different sizes and create visual interest beyond the straight lines.

We're still gunning for July 18th as "Opening Day," which will make the next two weeks VERY busy! Our ribbon cutting is scheduled for July 26 at 4pm and our Grand Opening weekend will be July 27-29, beginning with Troy Night Out on Friday.