What's In a Name?

Everything needs a name, so why "Pause?"

After we decided last year that we would open an art and fine craft gallery in Troy, the next decision was what to name it. From the outset, we had a specific vision for the gallery's purpose as well as its look and feel. And, we wanted a name that would embody these concepts.

We've been attracted to objects of art, whether functional or purely decorative, since we were in graduate school. Many years later, we continue to find joy and satisfaction in looking at something that is hand-made and/or appreciating its tactile qualities. Our personal connection to a particular piece is further enhanced if we've had an opportunity to meet the artist or craftsperson who created it.

Ours is a fast-paced, digital age with a plethora of mass-produced products available to us overnight with a click of the mouse. We often don't take time to enjoy a purchase before moving on to the next one.

But it takes time to create a piece of art, and some time to appreciate it. Stop in during an otherwise busy day and surround yourself with beautiful two- and three-dimensional objects, made by individuals who have engaged in a lifetime pursuit of artistic self-expression. 

The gallery will provide a warm and welcoming space in which to “pause” and do just that. As the gallery comes closer to reality, we find that it essentially named itself.