As we approach T-minus three months to our scheduled opening in late June, we introduce Molly and Sofie to the “Friends of Pause” who haven’t already met them.

Although looks can be deceiving, they're quite excited about transitioning to their new roles as gallery dogs. For the past several years, they have been unofficial therapy dogs at a certain local academic institution, and they have mixed feelings about that gig coming to an end in early May.


Molly, on the left, is almost 12 years old. Her favorite activities are eating and sleeping. She is a really sweet girl. Sofie is 4, with a good deal of residual “puppy.” She loves to fetch, bark at the UPS truck, and terrorize Molly. Her nickname is “what the heck were we thinking?”

We’ve had standard poodles since 1979, which is—coincidentally—about when we began to collect contemporary crafts. Standards are smart, affectionate, loyal, and even-tempered. These girls are poodles number 5 and 6. For a variety of reasons, we expect that Sofie will be our last. (Then again, we also thought that about Molly.)

When we told them about their new jobs at the gallery, they suggested that we name the gallery “Paws.” We were compelled to disagree, though we do love the play on words.

Once we're open, please stop in to visit. Though only some of us will be wagging our tails, we’ll all be happy to greet you.