Some Things Just Take Time

Almost 42 years ago, we purchased our first piece of hand-made pottery, a stoneware planter, from an Israeli ceramist named Rina Peleg. Little did we know, that modest pot would be our gateway to a lifetime of acquiring contemporary crafts.

Since that time we have curated a cohesive, yet diverse, personal collection of functional and sculptural objects representing a variety of media, including stoneware, porcelain, wood, and--our primary focus--studio art glass. Along the way, we have also fallen in love with some photographs, prints and paintings.

Our guiding principle for collecting has always been to find things that resonate with us in visual, emotional, spiritual, and/or tactile ways. This has been a passion, not an investment.

In recent years we've thought about how wonderful it would be to work in an environment in which we're surrounded by beautiful objects of art, and to help connect the community of artists and craftspeople with those who appreciate and wish to purchase their work.

It didn't happen overnight, but we now know that it's time for us to embark upon a journey to share our passion with the Capital Region. Pause Gallery --scheduled to open in June--will enable us to do this, and we're thrilled to become part of Troy's vibrant and growing creative community.