And So It Continues, v1.0

It's been a little while (too long) between blog posts, and what a difference a month (or so) makes!

Collar City Collective, electrician Joe, and framer Dave have been hard at work on our space and we now have sheetrock panels for our 2-D art as well as framing for our display shelving.

Window signage (AJ signs) is scheduled for installation next week and we're waiting on city permit for our hanging sign. We'll soon be ordering lighting fixtures, pedestals for our sculptural pieces, furniture for a cozy sitting area, flat files, a jewelry case, and cabinets and shelving for storage.

We'll soon be choosing interior paint colors and our concrete floor will be acid-washed and sealed. Still shooting for a late June/early July opening. Updated photos to follow this week.   

And So We Begin...

This an exciting time of beginnings for Pause Gallery and The News Apartments in Troy. 

Tenants began moving into apartments in the historic section of the project the weekend of April 28, and our work on the build-out of the gallery is scheduled to begin next week.

We've been busy re-connecting with our artists and placing our orders for ceramics, glass, wood, jewelry, photographs, and more. Many of them tell us they're as excited to be part of this journey as we are.

We're still on target for opening in late June/early July and we're eager for you to see what we will have in store for the Capital Region.

The First Look

Pause Gallery circa 4/7/2018.


On 4/10 we met with Dylan Turek, of Collar City Collective, who will be overseeing the build-out and fit-up of our space. He and Neil Pelone (NPArchitecture) have been great to work with. They totally understand our concept for the gallery and our modern, somewhat minimalist esthetic.

We reviewed Dylan's initial proposal and had a collaborative discussion about some modifications. Neil has submitted permit drawings and we're waiting for the green light to begin our phase of construction.

The photograph above shows substantial completion of the landlord's work on our "vanilla box." The rest is now up to us and we have some neat ideas and some surprise details in mind. Watch this space! 


As we approach T-minus three months to our scheduled opening in late June, we introduce Molly and Sofie to the “Friends of Pause” who haven’t already met them.

Although looks can be deceiving, they're quite excited about transitioning to their new roles as gallery dogs. For the past several years, they have been unofficial therapy dogs at a certain local academic institution, and they have mixed feelings about that gig coming to an end in early May.


Molly, on the left, is almost 12 years old. Her favorite activities are eating and sleeping. She is a really sweet girl. Sofie is 4, with a good deal of residual “puppy.” She loves to fetch, bark at the UPS truck, and terrorize Molly. Her nickname is “what the heck were we thinking?”

We’ve had standard poodles since 1979, which is—coincidentally—about when we began to collect contemporary crafts. Standards are smart, affectionate, loyal, and even-tempered. These girls are poodles number 5 and 6. For a variety of reasons, we expect that Sofie will be our last. (Then again, we also thought that about Molly.)

When we told them about their new jobs at the gallery, they suggested that we name the gallery “Paws.” We were compelled to disagree, though we do love the play on words.

Once we're open, please stop in to visit. Though only some of us will be wagging our tails, we’ll all be happy to greet you.

What's In a Name?

Everything needs a name, so why "Pause?"

After we decided last year that we would open an art and fine craft gallery in Troy, the next decision was what to name it. From the outset, we had a specific vision for the gallery's purpose as well as its look and feel. And, we wanted a name that would embody these concepts.

We've been attracted to objects of art, whether functional or purely decorative, since we were in graduate school. Many years later, we continue to find joy and satisfaction in looking at something that is hand-made and/or appreciating its tactile qualities. Our personal connection to a particular piece is further enhanced if we've had an opportunity to meet the artist or craftsperson who created it.

Ours is a fast-paced, digital age with a plethora of mass-produced products available to us overnight with a click of the mouse. We often don't take time to enjoy a purchase before moving on to the next one.

But it takes time to create a piece of art, and some time to appreciate it. Stop in during an otherwise busy day and surround yourself with beautiful two- and three-dimensional objects, made by individuals who have engaged in a lifetime pursuit of artistic self-expression. 

The gallery will provide a warm and welcoming space in which to “pause” and do just that. As the gallery comes closer to reality, we find that it essentially named itself.

Some Things Just Take Time

Almost 42 years ago, we purchased our first piece of hand-made pottery, a stoneware planter, from an Israeli ceramist named Rina Peleg. Little did we know, that modest pot would be our gateway to a lifetime of acquiring contemporary crafts.

Since that time we have curated a cohesive, yet diverse, personal collection of functional and sculptural objects representing a variety of media, including stoneware, porcelain, wood, and--our primary focus--studio art glass. Along the way, we have also fallen in love with some photographs, prints and paintings.

Our guiding principle for collecting has always been to find things that resonate with us in visual, emotional, spiritual, and/or tactile ways. This has been a passion, not an investment.

In recent years we've thought about how wonderful it would be to work in an environment in which we're surrounded by beautiful objects of art, and to help connect the community of artists and craftspeople with those who appreciate and wish to purchase their work.

It didn't happen overnight, but we now know that it's time for us to embark upon a journey to share our passion with the Capital Region. Pause Gallery --scheduled to open in June--will enable us to do this, and we're thrilled to become part of Troy's vibrant and growing creative community.